Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

History of Casa das Mangueiras

In 1973, kids and adolescents from 7 to 19 were found in a police station of Ribeirão Preto. 2 cells with 20 children each. The children were skinny, with up to 6 months without seeing the sun, huge hair and open injuries. Policemen and dogs guarded them and the doors of the cells were electrified.

A group of human rights pastors accepted the challenge for changing this situation. They went to the court of justice and achieved the liberation of the children. The condition was, that they had to look after the them. So they began their work on the street. After a while Sueli (today's director) found an unused parcel of land full of Mango trees, where the children built a big house, which served as their home and as the NGO's house for several years. The goal of the NGO was to educate.

In the 80's the Casa das Mangueiras moved to the Vila Recreio, where it was more close to the childrens reality.
The "Casa das Mangueiras" is a pedagogic experience with adolescents that are in situations of risk. It has an important social function in Ribeirão Preto.:

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