Freitag, 7. Mai 2010

CdM - Experience 5

The second week of my stage I went to a place where many homeless people of Ribeirão Preto stay on the road. There we cared about a 32 years old houseless man with tuberculosis, who had phoned to . He has been a boy from the Casa das Mangueiras since his father has turned him adrift when he was 7 years old.

We took him to a hospital and achieved to let him stay in a nursing home till he finishes his medical treatment. He had n´t taken his medicaments for one month and had drunk a lot of pinga (cachaça). After two weeks he left the nursing home without finishing the treatment, because he is used to live without walls around him.

The social assistant searched and found him and convinced to stay there til the end of the treatment. Interesting: He wanted Comics (Gibis) to read them. He can read and write although he has lived on the street for all his live.

After the treatment had finished, he returned to the street, where he probably will continue living for a long time.

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