Montag, 5. April 2010

Casa das Mangueiras - Day 2

Experience 1

Woman: is about 29 years old, with druged/HIV+ mother (now dead) and father that run away. She was the first girl in the Casa das Mangueiras (GdM), prostituted girls, was a drug dealer and consumer, has done armed hold-ups, spent 10 years in prision, can't read, can't write, has two children (~12years old) that live with two different aunts, has no job.
We brought her to school and the social assistant of the CdM talked with her teacher to motivate the woman.

Experience 2

Visiting a 13 years old new boy of CdM at home: living space ~12qm, he lives with 3 sisters (between 5 and 13 years old) and his grandmother, parents are in prision.
The 4 children told us about a boy of the neighbourhood who was killed the other day by 3 shots in the body and 4 in the head. They talked about it like it was the most common thing in the world. The sad thing is: for them it is day-to-day reality.

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