Montag, 5. April 2010

Casa das Mangueiras - Day 3

Experience 1

CdM arranged a place to work for the 29-year-old woman from the first day. We brought her to the interview. Problems: She has no bank account and no domicile on her name. Luckily this problems can be solved
There was a situation during the interview that showed me, how the most simple things for us can be difficult for others: The interviewer gave a form to the woman and the social assistant of CdM had to fill it out. The woman couldn't even distinguish the certificate of birth of her son from the one of her daughter...

Experience 2

Working in the recycling division of CdM with boys from 15 and Women and Men from the favelas: compression of cardboard, cord up huge bags with recycling material (2 people needed) and - the most interesting of all - recycling waste separation by hand -> decomposed salad, bread, spilled sauce and really flavoursome milk bottles ;-)
I liked the work, because I could talk with people from the poor communities.

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  1. Really awesome this blog, Kaká! Nothing as good as a diary from your activities in CdM to show other people the experience you´re having here in Ribeirão!!
    And keep kickin´ ass!! See ya son at home..hahaha