Sonntag, 25. April 2010

AIESEC Teamdays

The Teamdays of AIESEC Ribeirão Preto were absolutely awesome!!! All Team members went to a holliday house to spend two days talking about the future of the Local Commitee in Ribeirão and doing several activities to understand better the purposes of AIESEC for 2010. Tosk (Daniel), the president of AIESEC RP, is very competent and puts a main focus on activating sustainable thinking and leadership. He says that, if future leaders think sustainable, they can change the world. I think that this is the main goal of AIESEC.

Of course, at night, there was a party. The subject was "signal lights". So who had a boy-/girlfriend or didn't want to meet a girl/boy put a red shirt, who wasn't shure if he/she wants to meet somebody put yellow and who was absolutely free put a green shirt. Of which colour do you think my shirt was? (check out the pics) ;-D
The party had drinking games (obligatory!!!), roll calls (AIESEC dances - awesome!), guitar playing and singing, football, pool swimming and so on...

The second day people who arent part of the executive board (vice presidents), did a funny championship. We had to run, swim, jump, do acrobatics an many more things...

I loved to meet all the new people of AIESEC Ribeirão!!! They are very receptive and help me in whatever I need. Since this event I went to many bars with them and had many interesting discussions. Thanks @RP!!!

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